Reputation Marketing

Protect Your Reputation and Stay Connected With Visitors


Having positive online reviews has become a necessity for businesses looking to build up their site and brand authority in a crowded market. Tying in seamlessly with SEO, reputation marketing greatly impacts the authority of your site when ranking in search results.

Analytically driven, our digital marketing and branding strategy helps you reach niche audiences who are eager to engage with your content by connecting with industry influencers. This results in increased referral, branded search, and direct traffic.

Reputation Management & Analysis

When someone researches your website and discovers a bad review this can really hurt your online presence. Not only are reviews a reflection of your business, but also an inside look at the type of service a potential customer would received. In order to stand out from the competition, you want to have an online presence that speaks highly of your expertise.

If you are not careful of what website information is being shown, you will end up having a hard time attracting leads and converting them into buyers of your product. 

Reviews are a good insight for people to understand your relationship with customers. Are you responsive, do you reward returning customers, and do you keep your word? All of these are important when building trust online, especially with so many scam artist looking to take money from business owners.

It can be hard running a business, and satisfying your customers. Our team can manage your reputation by building a campaign to promote your company, and weed out negative reviews. 


Brand Awareness

Over the years we’ve created logos, marketing materials, and digital collateral that promotes and gives your brand a unique statement. We also have developed close relationships with editors and are in constant communication with bloggers across a variety of industries. Relationships like these help ensure that we are able to get coverage from high quality online publications as we work to build up your site’s domain authority and presence.

Remember your brand takes time to build, and your image means everything online, do not make the mistake of treating your brand as a last unimportant issue. Continue to work on your brand even as you grow and scale in order to keep up with your audience. i3 Mega Marketing Group works diligently in crafting a branded statement for each client. 

Let us come up with a customized solution for you today. 

i3 Focus Point

Choosing our team of experts at i3  helps your brand withstand industry trends. We are constantly optimizing and tweaking our strategy to find the angle that receives the highest amount of engagement and secured coverage. Our methods are custom for any type of service based business looking to grow brand awareness, and generate leads.