Facebook Advertising & Management

Get Connected With Your Target Audience


Facebook has quickly become an essential part of connecting with your target audience and educating them on your brand’s personality, values, and product and service offerings. The need to be in touch with your audience has never been more important as consumers turn to brands for relevant and informative content more and more every day.

Highly integrated with every aspect of your online marketing strategy, our efforts allow brands to engage with their target audience through providing information that offers value to the reader while ultimately building the brand and driving prospects.

At i3 Marketing, we focus on the following four steps to provide excellent services to ensure a solid facebook marketing strategy for our clients to use throughout their campaigns.


At the foundation of every successful campaign is a deep understanding of your audience. By evaluating your brand activity, we are able to measure current engagement and explore new areas of opportunity. We work to identify the tone and messaging that best represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

Leveraging analytics, we are able to derive insights on your audience demographics, interests, and how your brand fits into their lifestyle. We zero in on buyer personas and conduct an in-depth analysis of other brands in the space in order to give you a full picture of the competitive landscape.

Creating A Funnel For Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is an important part of inbound marketing techniques. We create specific funnels through marketing automation tools to retarget your website visitors based on behaviors and analytics.

We are able to install Facebook Pixels to landing pages and track ad success from the ad set creation, to budgeting. We help our clients use our customized sales funnels to increase monthly conversions. 

We map out a clear content strategy that reflects the understanding of your audience, their interests, and the type of content they will respond best to allows us to not only reach your target audience, but also engage and convert them.

Turn your to visitors  into customers.





We work to ensure that you reach your targeted audience and employ a diverse range of strategies to engage your customers:

  • Facebook fan page creation
  • Facebook page posting + client interaction
  • Paid and organic social campaigns
  • Content creation & optimization
  • Targeted ads and landing pages
  • Monthly Reporting


These strategies will elevate your brand’s visibility while allowing you to generate qualified traffic to your website.

Measure & Optimize

As your marketing campaigns progress and strategies evolve, measuring success and improving upon areas of opportunity becomes critical. Whether it’s the first piece of content or the hundredth, we continuously optimize our content to test a variety of mediums, frameworks, promotional tactics, and call-to-actions.

This measurement system allows us to implement new strategies while testing, iterating, and improving them over time. Content marketing requires a diverse content mix: not overly promotional while integrating compelling product or service offerings in a natural fashion. Data and results drive this balancing act as in-depth analysis and optimization of campaigns results in continual improvement and digital media solutions.